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    Hi NIRSA Community, Does anyone have a revenue sharing  agreement with your athletic department for advertisements in your Recreation facilities?  At George Mason University we are exploring new ways to generate revenue and one of those is signage throughout ...

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    Hi Sue, We have the Keiser M3 bikes here at UMF (and other places I've worked as well). I recommend them very highly. Easy to use and maintain. The magnetic resistance keeps things from getting worn as easily. Only critique we've gotten is that the ...

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    Sue, We have been using the Stages SC3 bikes for about 3.5 years and have been very pleased with them.  We have only had to do routine maintenance on them in that time.  Very sturdy bike, great power meters, great displays on the computers.  Let me know ...

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    Hi all: We are considering replacing the indoor cycling bikes used for our group exercise classes. I would greatly appreciate you sharing what bikes you have in your facility and if you would recommend them. Many thanks! Sue -- ...

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    Hi Liz, Great question! We used to have a separate fee for our climbing wall (and continue to do so for non-students). We got rid of the student fee some years ago, and saw participation increase from 2,127 students visits to 7,219 visits in ...

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    Applications close Friday, August 23, 2019.   Don't miss your opportunity to join the University of Alabama team as the  Aquatic Coordinator .   This position has a flexible start date and could begin as late as January 2020.  Alabama has excellent ...

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