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    Wichita State University is currently taking applications for the Graduate Assistant of Membership and Operations Position for the 2017-2018 academic year. The position is posted on Bluefish. For more information and to apply click HERE ...

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    Hi Mark, We have a new women's club basketball team as well. The coach tried really hard to get enough teams to create a NIRSA league on the west coast, but it didn't happen. You can at least see the teams that were interested in playing in the league....

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    Campus Recreation at Baylor University is looking for energetic and hard-working graduate students to fill 4 Graduate Assistantships in Facilities, Sport Clubs, Marketing, and Intramural Sports beginning fall 2017.Graduate Assistants receive on-going...

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    Hey Philip, Over at Texas State University, we use Snap Chat, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Live. We use each to get "behind the scenes" for students to see. The majority of them are created by our videographers, photographers, and promotional...

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    All, Hello, I hope you all are having a great week thus far. The question that we had is in regards to a Residence Hall League within IMLeagues. Last semester was the first semester that we have implemented a Res Hall League and we hit some snags...

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    Hi Philip, We have been using Instagram since the start of last year and it's been a success. In terms of marketing- I'll post schedules, pictures of our league neon signs, pictures of champions and general game play, use funny knockoff pictures to...

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