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    RE: IMLeagues

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    Hey Amy, We utilize the pay option, but have to go through a different system called CashNet. It's great because all money gets deposited directly into our account, rather than IMLeagues sending a check. Email me directly if you have more questions. ...

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    ​​Ryan, I have found the simple ideas work the best when it comes to memberships. If you have payroll deduction create a shirt that is only available to employees that sign up through payroll.  Limit access to the shirt for the first one-hundred, or ...

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    Hi Denise, I would definitely say reach out to IT.  At a previous institution, we actually had a Microsoft Access based file that would allow us to swipe cards to check in/out equipment, as well as to track facility access.  It was a fairly simple system ...

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    Hi Justin, Here at Pacific, we currently charge the following fees for our field rentals: Field Rental:  $55/hr Admin Fee:  $5.50/hr Staffing Fee:  $15/hr Lining Fee (if requested):  Flate Rate $250 The staffing fee is applied to all rentals whether ...

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    Hi All We are exploring paddleboard programming through our GroupX, Small Group Training and Physical Education classes. We are seeking the brilliant ideas and feedback from successful programs you all have implemented. See prompting questions ...

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    Hello NIRSA,      I hope everyone is having a great summer.  Here at Eastern Kentucky University, we are continuously trying to think of new ways to increase our Faculty & Staff membership numbers.  We have been brainstorming various "benefits/giveaways" ...

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