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    Hello colleagues, Georgia State University will be accepting applications for Graduate Assistantships in the department of Recreational Services for 2017-2018 working in the award-winning 161,112 sq. ft. Student Recreation Center. We are seeking...

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    Hello All, The University of South Dakota is currently accepting applications for the position of Graduate Assistant of Intramurals and Sport Clubs for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please see the attached position description for details and instructions...

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    RE: Glide FIT

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    Julie, We recently introduced Paddle Board Fitness programming to our Aquatics department. When looking into boards I ended up deciding on going with BIC's Cross Fit Boards ( http://www.bicsport.com/sup/boards/product/id-100-cross-fit.html ). We...

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    Ohio University Campus Recreation is hiring four graduate assistants for the 2017-18 academic year. Positions are available in the following areas: Bird Ice Arena, Fitness, Outdoor Pursuits, and the Ping Center. For additional information regarding...

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    Greetings all, Just a quick reminder that several of our GA positions at the University of Central Florida have deadlines of December 15th. Both an application to the position and the academic program are required by this time. Please see the...

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    Hi NIRSA Community, I'm hoping to get some feedback on what procedures you use to close your facility down at night when it comes to making sure all patrons are out by the closing time? Unfortunately, we do not have a current operable PA system so...

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