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    If you're planning on catching a flight--or any other excursion--on Thursday evening or Friday morning, please keep this in mind: The motorcade driving Vice President Pence and President Trump to the Gaylord National will stop all traffic (other...

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    Hi Morgan~ We are a skosh bigger than you but we found that our IT department created a perfectly great system that we use. They were able to incorporate our database, immediate uploads, includes a picture program, and is able to run reports for...

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    Following the Utah comment and speaking as a recovering professional kayaker, training with the guards is helpful. They get a little antsy when the boat tips over and they see nothing going on. I used to teach the guards how to wet exit, and how to...

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    Leanne, At Wichita State we use SHURE wireless headsets and have no issues during any of our classes, high intensity or not. I hope this helps. Andy ------------------------------ Andy Sykes Health & Fitness Wichita State University (316) 978-5287...

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    Hi Nick, At the University of Utah we were fortunate enough to be gifted kayaks from our Outdoor Adventures program area, so we do not allow any outside boats in our pool. We supply kayaks and skirts, but guests can also bring their own skirts. We...

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    RE: Kayak usage in pool

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    Hi Nick, We allow kayaks in our pool during specified times. We have an Adventure Sports program here on our campus so we have had one of the students who have taken the kayak courses, or in some cases an Adventure Sports faculty member to supervise...

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